We are storytellers who work fluidly across industries, specialising in purpose-driven communications for brands on a mission.

We cut our teeth on luxury, travel and hospitality, but whenever possible we choose to focus our experience and expertise on the business of good. We delight in working with both established brands and growing startups. Our best work balances dynamic consumer lifestyle campaigns with the rigour of strong brand messaging.

Our approach maximises opportunities for awareness and engagement, resulting in communications strategies and solutions that build client profiles and meaningfully drive results.

Upcycle provides thoughtful, tailored and transformational communications strategies and execution for

• media relations and influencer engagement
• social media campaigns
• clear and effective messaging, copywriting and content creation
• brand partnerships and events


Our culture is founded on integrity, innovation and collaboration. As an internationally experienced team, we are strategic, resourceful and dynamic. We are also deeply principled, direct and kind.

Why Upcycle?

Clever, sustainable and efficient, Upcyclers know how to work with what we’ve got to develop fresh, new ideas that make an impact. We ensure our campaigns generate results that meet goals and surpass expectations.

We regularly upcycle ourselves through workshops and training sessions that expand our sector-specific knowledge and hone our skills.

In our professional and personal spaces, we strive to limit single use plastics, go paperless where possible and support local sustainability and social impact movements.