Communications that empower your purpose

We are storytellers and marketers who work fluidly across industries, specialising in purpose-driven communications for brands on a mission. Our approach develops and maximises opportunities for awareness and engagement, resulting in communications strategies and solutions that meaningfully grow businesses and drive causes.


We immerse ourselves in our clients’ goals and endeavours in order to determine the best way to communicate their purpose clearly and effectively.


We tailor communications solutions directly to business needs, providing meaningful, smartly crafted strategies that make an impact and create value.


Well-crafted communications define purpose; purpose is the start of a movement that can create real change and ultimately success.

Local experts with a global mindset

Our culture is founded on integrity, innovation and collaboration. As an internationally experienced team, we are strategic, resourceful and dynamic. We are also deeply principled, direct and kind.

We believe in quality.

We constantly check ourselves and our clients to make sure that our tactics are effective. We don’t just hit targets, we meet goals and always strive to surpass expectations.

We like a challenge.

We cut our teeth on luxury, travel and hospitality, but whenever possible we choose to focus our experience and expertise on the business of good. We delight in working with both established brands and growing startups.

We upcycle ourselves.

We regularly upskill our team through workshops and training sessions that expand our sector-specific knowledge and hone our skills.

We walk the walk.

In our professional and personal spaces, we strive to limit single use plastics, go paperless where possible and support local sustainability and social impact movements.

Jennifer Dembitz,
Co-founder & Managing Director

With 20 years of international experience across some of the world’s most respected luxury and consumer brands, Jennifer’s expertise spans food and drink, hospitality and travel, design and innovation, as well as art and luxury products. Her passion lies in strategic brand development and creative partnerships. Her favourite people are PR people and food people. She has endless time to talk shop and help develop their potential.
Jennifer is a Practising Management Consultant (PMC) certified by SPMCC and recognized by government agencies SPRING Singapore, IE Singapore, IPOS and WDA.

Andrea Seifert,
Co-founder & Director

Andrea has worked in London, Hong Kong and Singapore and her 15 years of experience includes in-house roles in marketing, PR and editorial in luxury travel publishing as well as senior positions at integrated agencies working on award-winning clients and campaigns.
She has a strong understanding of a variety of industries including wellness, sustainability, retail, education and luxury lifestyle including food and drink, hospitality and travel. Passionate about the need for positive change and life-long learning, Andrea’s global network ensures she keeps abreast of new trends and meaningful conversations.

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